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The Empire Strikes Back Again (feat. The Emperor)

from Sith Style Swagger by MC Stormtroopa

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I'm Stormtroopa, you know the real troopa
from the dark side and I'm gonna bring it to ya
don't think I'm playing or you'll soon be praying
our invasion of your place that we enslavin'!
I've been reppin' Sith since I was a test tube
I've been workin guns since I was two
Ya know a straight shoota with my black blasta
when I riddle ya middle there's nothing left of ya
if you're feeling rebellious then just try to test me
I'll close my eyes right now and then count to three
and when the count is up you're gonna go on down
just like all the other playas in this town!
If you like the look of your planet now
Then you'll break down after we break it down
We're drivin' by your station to smash your nation
blow your planet to pieces and show off our greatness!

[Chorus x2]
The Empire Strikes Back Again!
The Empire Strikes Back Again!
The Empire Strikes Back Again!
Whatcha gonna do about it, huh?

This is sith style and it is real smooth
I've got a dark side that I'll now show you
you see these threads? Made from real hair
of people we've crushed and who died of despair!
we're using force powers under our control
if we get snake eyes we just adjust the roll
and we gamble large coz we got a lucky star
one that'll cause you death from long afar
if you wanna complain about the Empire
then I'll resolve your issue with some blaster fire
and if you wanna sign up to the high life
come and talk to me and escape the strife
we're hiring new people we're really getting down
Empire's back baby and it takes no clowns
so get up onboard the dark side express
or else you'll be turned into a big bloody mess

[Chorus x2]

Come just tell me what you gonna do
but before you do I got a present for you
it's a thermal discharge with your name on it
so say hi to God after you get blown up from it
the haters be falling down from the sky
because we just turned on the electric fry
the death star is the real deal dude
so don't make me come over wearing my bad ass shoes
I'm a pimpin' playa wearing ewok fur
sportin' crate dragon gloves and wookie underwear
if you're feeling ballsy then come for a spin
unanimously the sith will win
our balla crew with maim and torture you
using black sphere droids to turn you to goo
and if your ship be running away from us
we'll chase you down in star destroyas!

[Chorus x2]

The Sith can't help it we're just that good
we're natural at style and have big wood
and all the ladies try to pull my pants down
attracted by the gravity pull of my cock mound
all the rebels now they be hating me
just the law of nature for being sexy
just a minute now I'm feeling all hyped up
purple force lightning gonna fuck y'all up!

E: Nyeeear! Why did you make me rap MC Stormtroopa?
MCS: I thought the rebels ought to know of your rap styles!
E: Silence! I feel the anger burning within me. Get down to Earth already and crush that scum!
MCS: Aight aight! But let's tell 'em one more time who they should watch out for!

[Chorus x2]


from Sith Style Swagger, track released June 16, 2010




MC Stormtroopa Hamilton, New Zealand

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