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Sith Style Swagger

by MC Stormtroopa

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[INTRO] Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! [VERSE] Baby doll, you're looking like a night lady I think you're very sexy, so come with me baby Cruising through the ghetto in our dropped speeder I think you're sexy honey and I wanna eatcha Up into a shuttle now and off to the Death Star Baby I'll treat you special, I'll work you real hard Landing at the dock we getting really feisty Can't disengage yet 'cause already nasty [CHORUS] Baby I wanna make you Pop dat bootay! Baby I'm gonna make you Pop dat bootay! I gotta lotta junk so Pop dat bootay! We'll get buck wild so Pop dat bootay! [VERSE] My honey honey honey, you're so lovely lovely lovely When I pop dat bootay, get ready for the humpty Your booty is so fine, yes and so big Still have to lower the backseat to fit in my dick When we move it's like centrifugal motion It's only a second 'til I spit my lotion I'm feeling experimental, you're scared cool Don't worry darlin', force power will persuade you [CHORUS] [JABBA RAP] Who know's what that guy is singing about? Most likely about poppin' dat bootay! Yay-yah! [CHORUS] [BRIDGE] Uh! Yeah! Uh! Yeah! Uh! Yeah! Uh! Yeah! Yeah baby baby you make me crazy Singing sweet nothings in your ear while I pop that bootay It's a tip of the hat when I introduce myself And later on, we is on the top shelf [CHORUS]
[Verse] I'm Stormtroopa, you know the real troopa from the dark side and I'm gonna bring it to ya don't think I'm playing or you'll soon be praying our invasion of your place that we enslavin'! I've been reppin' Sith since I was a test tube I've been workin guns since I was two Ya know a straight shoota with my black blasta when I riddle ya middle there's nothing left of ya if you're feeling rebellious then just try to test me I'll close my eyes right now and then count to three and when the count is up you're gonna go on down just like all the other playas in this town! If you like the look of your planet now Then you'll break down after we break it down We're drivin' by your station to smash your nation blow your planet to pieces and show off our greatness! [Chorus x2] HEY! The Empire Strikes Back Again! HEY! The Empire Strikes Back Again! HEY! The Empire Strikes Back Again! One-two-one-two Whatcha gonna do about it, huh? [Verse] This is sith style and it is real smooth I've got a dark side that I'll now show you you see these threads? Made from real hair of people we've crushed and who died of despair! we're using force powers under our control if we get snake eyes we just adjust the roll and we gamble large coz we got a lucky star one that'll cause you death from long afar if you wanna complain about the Empire then I'll resolve your issue with some blaster fire and if you wanna sign up to the high life come and talk to me and escape the strife we're hiring new people we're really getting down Empire's back baby and it takes no clowns so get up onboard the dark side express or else you'll be turned into a big bloody mess [Chorus x2] [Verse] Come just tell me what you gonna do but before you do I got a present for you it's a thermal discharge with your name on it so say hi to God after you get blown up from it the haters be falling down from the sky because we just turned on the electric fry the death star is the real deal dude so don't make me come over wearing my bad ass shoes I'm a pimpin' playa wearing ewok fur sportin' crate dragon gloves and wookie underwear if you're feeling ballsy then come for a spin unanimously the sith will win our balla crew with maim and torture you using black sphere droids to turn you to goo and if your ship be running away from us we'll chase you down in star destroyas! [Chorus x2] [EMPEROR RAP] The Sith can't help it we're just that good we're natural at style and have big wood and all the ladies try to pull my pants down attracted by the gravity pull of my cock mound all the rebels now they be hating me just the law of nature for being sexy just a minute now I'm feeling all hyped up purple force lightning gonna fuck y'all up! [Interlude] E: Nyeeear! Why did you make me rap MC Stormtroopa? MCS: I thought the rebels ought to know of your rap styles! E: Silence! I feel the anger burning within me. Get down to Earth already and crush that scum! MCS: Aight aight! But let's tell 'em one more time who they should watch out for! [Chorus x2]
[CHORUS] Dark Side Force, it's par for the course If you fuck with us then it's no remorse We'll come on down with level 10 power Blow you to chucks, it's our finest hour Dark Side Force, your death is forced When you rebel like that we come to the source Death Star charged up and good to go Your planet'll be destroyed, you have no home! [VERSE] It's the Dark Side, Speaking in your ear now Sith styles, bringing all the rebels down Killing off the jedi, getting rid of the junk Rapping out the verses to some hip hop crunk Flexing our biceps, triceps and quads Black and white gangstas, hoods and mobs Got our tie fighters out, our droids be illin' Dark side dudes be frontin' and chillin' Empire pride be what we preach And if you ain't repping then lessons we'll teach To your family and friends 'cos we're bad like that Getting rid of the good guys with just a finger snap A mindful move, a force to be reckoned with We got the Sith masters running all our biz If you want an easy tip on how to stay alive Come join the dark side and let Sidious be your guide [CHORUS] [VERSE] Sith style be sweeping the stars, blowing up mars While we drive around in fancy cars Eating caviar, cause we're setting par for gangsta superstars who wish they were empire but they don't get higher because we're the high flyers in the star destroyers, Dark side's the best employer Full of cutthroat enforcers, who be mapping the courses For the weak kneed pidgeon-toed rebellion forces Dark side power is coming this hour We'll be coming on down like a cloud of lightning power If you're gonna take sides, then it's no surprise that everybody goes to the dark side 'Cause our costumes are better, the women are wetter and the best will just attest that our music is sexier We be rocking the sith side, empire pride Those rebels be inside, all scared alive [CHORUS] [VERSE] Too many times I've proven to you all That Empire pride is too strong to fall Search your feelings, feel the call Be a part of the Sith, if you have the balls C'mon, the Dark side is a happening place We rap all day and crank out the bass Pimp out our uniforms and slap some hoes That Leia bitch still has debts she owes We're the meanest of the mean, thed deadliest of the deadly, Sith powers are charged and we're at the ready It's not wise for you to rub us the wrong way We're here for business, and we ain't gonna play Not much left to say, 'cause I've said it all before The Empire rules and Padme's a crackwhore! If you want to be high rollers just like us Get some force powers and employ Jake the Muss! [CHORUS]
[VERSE] To all the party people everywhere We're gonna party on down like we just don't care Get into your ships and off we go Up to the Death Star, as everyone knows It's the party capital of outer space And everyone's there to rock the place Get your friends inside and up for a ride Come on by, we're gonna party all night We got the masters on the stage, the blasters on the decks We've even got smoke and lighting effects It's an all night rave, so don't misbehave Or we'll send you out in a portable grave The beats be rockin' while our booties are poppin' Got 10 million people on our front door knockin' They wanna come in to the capital of fun But we're all full up so can't let in anyone [CHORUS] It's a party on the Death Star * It's a party, a party! * We're gonna party on the Death Star * Gonna party all night long! * It's a party on the Death Star * It's a party, a sexy party! * We're gonna party on the Death Star * Gonna party, gonna party, YEAH! * [VERSE] Disasteradio has got the beats in check So give him some well-deserved respect Rocking it like the 80s old school You can't even touch this talented fool M-C-S, that's MC Stormtroopa I'm rhyming the message right straight to ya A rappin' MC is my main job 'Coz you know I'm not an amateur slob Our party is jumping, pumping, thumping People having fun just shaking and bumping Great vibe all night, it's fun all around Early morning is when we'll get down Breakdancing crews spinning on boxes B-boys, B-girls dancing and poppin' Flips and cartwheels all over the show Everyone who's partying is letting it flow! [CHORUS] [VERSE] Our parties are the best in the solar system Beats so good you'll just want to listen To the messages contained within the stories Of the Emperor's rise to fame and glory Our crib is the best with its offense Not even one ship could get through the defence Our partying ways will carry on forever Because the Death Star will never be bettered! Everybody is dancing, fun is all around If you're feeling it then you better shout out loud It's the best time to groove when you help the mood By shouting out loud in the dance room C'mon, let me hear you shout -- make some noise! ... ... ... [CHORUS]
[VERSE] I see you in the club, you're working that groove I see you krumping, busting your moves I get up and grind, baby you're freaky I whisper in your ear if you wanna get kinky You're dancing so hard, I'm almost outta steam But you got me working my whipped cream Something's strange, just a little outta whack I noticed it now while staring at your back A switch there intrigues me, now I'm curious It's functionality is so mysterious I look a little closer, it's got some writing Says "Do not touch, unless you like biting" Hell yes, baby! What a body feature I push the button and you get more freakier It's not much of an improvement so I push it more All of a sudden you've got me down on the dance floor *BREATHS* [VERSE] People all around are just dancing crazy They don't even notice you and me baby You're outta control, you've gone mad! But I kinda like it as it makes me feels bad Once we're back up, we're dancing some more Up, down, all around, on the dance floor Sweat drippin' off me like water from a tap But you're pristine honey, you do none of that We're still dancing at the club, you're just so hot Running on cold fusion so you'll never stop When we get home I'll upload my software Into your hard drive, come on let's file share Whoever designed you has my admiration For inventing such a kinky creation Android momma, you're built to please Get our boogie on down, baby, 1-2-3 *BREATHS* [OUTRO] Work that Robot Body Come on Work that body Work your body Work your body Work your body Work, work your body It's a freakout! It's a freaky freaky freakout! A robot freakout! A freaky robot freakout!


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released June 16, 2010

Music written/composed by MC Stormtroopa. Featuring instrumental contributions by Disasteradio, Ben Thomson, Shannon Walsh, Mega Heroes and Flick. Word up and chur to my bruthaz!

Vocals recorded at The Pearly Gates in Melbourne, Australia, June 2010. "Beasting Out The Rebels" recorded by Damian Golfinopoulos at Gundry Audio in Auckland, New Zealand sometime in 2007–2008.

Photography by Chris Diprose www.chrisdiprosephotography.com.au

Star Wars and related trademarks are (c) Lucasfilms. All references to Star Wars and its related trademarks within these recordings are unauthorised. This album has no samples from Star Wars so chill out dude!





MC Stormtroopa Hamilton, New Zealand

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